Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Great news for sensory awareness!

Well there was a nice article in one of the blogs I follow regarding sensory issues,and on one of the online sensory support groups there was mention of a documentary about Sensory Intergration issues! Man,does it get any better on a rainy day than for others to be spreading the word about this,I mean really! I LOVE it! I had to look hard and search for info,and now it seems to be getting easier to get it's wonderful.Since I started this journey of discovery,I've been taken with the thought of how many kids out there could have these issues and not getting dealt with.With all this info being brought to public light that will be diminished I hope.Here is a link for the documentary info, http://www.autisticlike.com hope you'll check that out. Here is a link to a YouTube video clip of the documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG0tX6zFT98

here is a link to the post on the blog I follow Mom Most Travelled it's pretty good,and has links to a great book and magazine. http://mommosttraveled.com/sensory-processing-disorder-one-mothers-story/ If your looking for some good info and help check out the SPD group on yahoo groups http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SID-DSI_AllAboutKids/ I hope this info is helpful,we are still working on all of our assessments for all of our boys,but so far we have 2 partly done,and working on setting up summer therapy,then on to school prep.I'll keep y'all posted as I can.Hope you get to check out some of the info and that it's helpful to you.

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