Sunday, July 10, 2011

July updates

Well here we are roughly the middle of July,we are still having water problems.We run out of water daily,so getting the garden a good enough drink is pretty hard.We've set up a timer on the hose and sprinkler,and I switch the hose around from bed to bed daily.The topsy turvy trial seems to be doing pretty well.The cukes in buckets under them are climbing the bamboo stakes and a branch well.There are several small boothby blondes,and a few market mores.The hanging cherokee purples and the peacevines all have flowers so I'm optimistically pleased.The newest chooks are growing well,and well we ended up with a young roo.The brasiacs were rebounding when the bandit struck again!!!! I blocked that hole with a log.Here are a few picks to update y'all.....