Friday, May 24, 2013

A Few Tidbits

 So our birds nest is Not a Goldfinches. My newest best guess is maybe a pheobe,but not sure yet. We had a lovely little common yellow throat that we enjoyed watching hop through our brambles below the front deck. The poor fellow was found laying on the eck with head half plucked and not nearly all of it's body. We were very disappointed and I explained this for 2-3 days via my behavior to my cats. Hoping that's the last bird of the season to fall to them.

  I was having some very strong lower leg shin pain friday afternoon,very deep achey when walking.I didn't & still don't recall banging it. The label shin splint came about,but how did I get one? It was very bothered by my riding leg.Here's hoping it up very quickly as it's not pleasant to walk on. Still trying to figure out the picture adding part,but glad my updates are atleast showing now.

   I discovered a blog on eventingnation Eventing on a Shoestring. I have to say it made me chuckle,premis  being that the writer is living on tight funds. I think I have her beat as I lost my shoestring years ago. My budget is so tight it's actually nonexisting!We'll see how things progress,got to run sick child exploding.