Friday, May 24, 2013

A Few Tidbits

 So our birds nest is Not a Goldfinches. My newest best guess is maybe a pheobe,but not sure yet. We had a lovely little common yellow throat that we enjoyed watching hop through our brambles below the front deck. The poor fellow was found laying on the eck with head half plucked and not nearly all of it's body. We were very disappointed and I explained this for 2-3 days via my behavior to my cats. Hoping that's the last bird of the season to fall to them.

  I was having some very strong lower leg shin pain friday afternoon,very deep achey when walking.I didn't & still don't recall banging it. The label shin splint came about,but how did I get one? It was very bothered by my riding leg.Here's hoping it up very quickly as it's not pleasant to walk on. Still trying to figure out the picture adding part,but glad my updates are atleast showing now.

   I discovered a blog on eventingnation Eventing on a Shoestring. I have to say it made me chuckle,premis  being that the writer is living on tight funds. I think I have her beat as I lost my shoestring years ago. My budget is so tight it's actually nonexisting!We'll see how things progress,got to run sick child exploding.

OTTB's are worth the time

  Well one of trainers students came home from college. She'll be gone most of summer working at a camp. Since I knew her and her riding ability I offered her to ride my girl. it turned out to be a great ting to watch and see her doing what I was feeling her do under tack. She is definitely starting to relaxe in her muscles. The fast twitch muscles are actually slowing down.

   Parents will understand that children do not always work with he plans we lay out in our mind. Going with that thought sick children kept me off the pony for a couple days. The good news is that I got to work her today,after her owner came for a lesson on their other horse. She made me feel great by saying she looks like she's gained some weight! Score! I lunged the pony briefly both directions,then popped up on her. She was ctually very soft today and willing to work with me. She tried to understand everything I asked and do it. She still is not trusting enough to keep her head down and strech her back without encouragement and guidance. I'm so proud of my girl,I however am on the flabby side,so definitely need to get more fit. I want to thank trainer as she puts so much into her teaching,her enthusiasm is awesome! I feel bad that she surely thinks I don't listen to her,but truthfully I just don't have the strength or control of my entire body to do what she wants as big as he'd like. However I did accomplish the tasks ultimately. I vow to get fitter so this process will get easier on her.

     The feed changes we've made seem to be working and I'm glad of that,also the Smartpak calm ultra has arrived and I'm very excited to see how it helps her come around. I would also again like to thank the fabulous owners.They are amazing people,riders and horse folk. They're very supportive and since they're eventers too they don't worry about the sport I choose. Thanks guys for such a great opportunity. Looking forward to our next ride..........

Friday, May 17, 2013

Consistancy is the name of the game

 Beauty has been worked all week,her mare-ish attitude is better managed now. She definitely needs consistent work. As a mare when in heat it seems right to keep boys away from hernmore fences stay up that way! We've lunged her only as the trainer feels if we can get to come round and relaxe her back muscles without weight at first it wll help her more later. I am thinking strongly of long lining her to help with this,we're currently indiscussions about it.
  Her back muscles are as long and straight as if she were still on the track,and it is amazing to see them as she works on the lunge. She is dealing with the bit of bounce from side reins & lunge line itself rather well now,and is starting to give in. Mare is a terrible flirt,as we lunged the boys were working around us and when ever she went by them se pu on her pretty balanced trot or canter,it was very chuckle worthy I assure you! Her muscles were very tight all over her body when she arrived,we have switched her off the feed with molasses in it to rice bran and added alfalfa cubes both along with the work seems to hve hlped a bit and she's relaxing in her body. I'm massaging her neck bulge about 6" behind her ears. Trainer calls it the area all Tb's get where their "neck breaks" not really broken just the phrase she uses. I'll research a bit more,but am massaging it as I work with her it helps her to drop her head down.

  After her workout I gave her a wash down with some sun warmed liniment put on an irish scrim and let her have hay & mints. She was definitely a good girl. I think she is starting to know me!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Special Beauty has Arrived!

Still having trouble getting connected by my phone.I sent 2-3 posts which haven't registered,I'll add the pic when I can get it to show! Sorry for my technologically challenged mind!

The Trainer Gets Her Way!!

The trainer wins again,her pushing me to the limits of my comfort zones has worked and I have taken an OTTB mare on a year a year lease. She is 6yrs, a chestnut with 4 white socks. Her name is Special Beauty,she is owned by some wonderful folks who event,but had one horse to many at present. My luck I guess,we'll see how it goes. She will be agood project for me. My hope is to work on some flat with her to hopefully gain her trust and help improve balance and flexability. I would like to take her to a schoolong dressage show or two. I also have hopes of getting to school some XC with her and maybe get to a HT in the fall. I'll try to keep up with our antics in reschooling here.

We've got a great Nest!

 Well we're not sure what kind of bird it is but a little bird has built it's nest in our bus stop! The papa did such a great job this bird obviously knows quality workmanship when seen. I wasn't really sure the little bird would return with te kids going in and out of there,but low and behold 4 little eggs were then layed in said very neat nest. We are lucky and we can't wait to see what they are. My guess is that it maybe goldfinches but only time will tell.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Here is our best wishes to all of you for a wonderful New Year. May it be fruitful,engaging and full of love & passion for life & each other. Happy New Year!