Friday, May 24, 2013

OTTB's are worth the time

  Well one of trainers students came home from college. She'll be gone most of summer working at a camp. Since I knew her and her riding ability I offered her to ride my girl. it turned out to be a great ting to watch and see her doing what I was feeling her do under tack. She is definitely starting to relaxe in her muscles. The fast twitch muscles are actually slowing down.

   Parents will understand that children do not always work with he plans we lay out in our mind. Going with that thought sick children kept me off the pony for a couple days. The good news is that I got to work her today,after her owner came for a lesson on their other horse. She made me feel great by saying she looks like she's gained some weight! Score! I lunged the pony briefly both directions,then popped up on her. She was ctually very soft today and willing to work with me. She tried to understand everything I asked and do it. She still is not trusting enough to keep her head down and strech her back without encouragement and guidance. I'm so proud of my girl,I however am on the flabby side,so definitely need to get more fit. I want to thank trainer as she puts so much into her teaching,her enthusiasm is awesome! I feel bad that she surely thinks I don't listen to her,but truthfully I just don't have the strength or control of my entire body to do what she wants as big as he'd like. However I did accomplish the tasks ultimately. I vow to get fitter so this process will get easier on her.

     The feed changes we've made seem to be working and I'm glad of that,also the Smartpak calm ultra has arrived and I'm very excited to see how it helps her come around. I would also again like to thank the fabulous owners.They are amazing people,riders and horse folk. They're very supportive and since they're eventers too they don't worry about the sport I choose. Thanks guys for such a great opportunity. Looking forward to our next ride..........

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