Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Here is our best wishes to all of you for a wonderful New Year. May it be fruitful,engaging and full of love & passion for life & each other. Happy New Year!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Help how can I send a picture it tells me my device not registered
Well here's me trying to post to my blog. Fingers crossed!

mobile blogging -well giving it a try!

I'm trying my hand at blogging from my phone will help me keep it up to date better.Excited to see if it works!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

July updates

Well here we are roughly the middle of July,we are still having water problems.We run out of water daily,so getting the garden a good enough drink is pretty hard.We've set up a timer on the hose and sprinkler,and I switch the hose around from bed to bed daily.The topsy turvy trial seems to be doing pretty well.The cukes in buckets under them are climbing the bamboo stakes and a branch well.There are several small boothby blondes,and a few market mores.The hanging cherokee purples and the peacevines all have flowers so I'm optimistically pleased.The newest chooks are growing well,and well we ended up with a young roo.The brasiacs were rebounding when the bandit struck again!!!! I blocked that hole with a log.Here are a few picks to update y'all.....

Monday, June 20, 2011

brassicaceae bandit!

Well just as I thought we were really starting to get on track as things were starting to take off with growth...I awoke to find all the broccoli & kohlrabi gone!!!Not sure who or what the culprit was,but so far the cabbage & brussels sprouts are still ok in the big bed.The corn is doing great I think,the tomato hanger is up and in use with the cucumber buckets in place below the sides.I've even started the boothby's climbing up some bamboo sticks.Pumpkins are all alive & blossoming,melons are still in question,and I feel it's official no peas from the pack I ordered.Will try again in next few days,fingers crossed.Here are a few picks of the place right now.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here comes the sun!

Rather the sun has returned,and so have to the fields!All the prep work feels so worth it when we're out there in the sunshine working.I forgot that the girls would go into my raised bed if left untended and well thear's just what they did! They enjoyed the heck out of my spinach and carrots,but I ran up to check on my then to quiet hens before they moved on to the chard & beets.They did help themselves to some lettuce,but didn't destroy it.

Papa bought us a used tiller,and I've dubbed her Gloria!I've thanked him,and given in to what a great idea he had to buy one.My frugal side fought him long enough,and well he was right!We got work done in no time that was taking me forever to do.So THANK YOU again Papa! You were right!xxx Here are some pics of what's been doin'here at Berried Ledges.....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We're still here.....

Well we're still here,and I'm guessing you are too.Here's what we were doing today!Having a little chicken time,and weren't those lil'ones glad to get out of the brooder for a bit!

Princess & her therapy

On friday Princess P started her theraputic riding! She was of course a very happy girl.Here are a few pics of her and one of her new friends,he has grey hair and his name is Zippy.....

Friday, May 20, 2011

Last years Harvest

Here are some pics of our harvest from last year.Our chickens,the first egg and their first whole dozen!