Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snow Day!

Well the boys have no class on friday,so they are often a tad over wound when their OT get here. I decided that since it wasn't windy we should go out & play to run out ome energy so they'll be able to work with her.It was pretty easy to get one of the boys out,but the other took some psychology!I made it known I didn't think they could run faster than mum,that was really all it took.We were outside body sledding down the snow piles,and running around the playground.With our loud voices and shrieks of joy at beating mumma in a foot race,the other wee man was soon by our sides! We crossed the street and played in the other playground,found an untouched plow pile,got our discs and made tracks!The boys were making snow angels when their OT pulled up,she got out and came over in the snow sans boots and snow pants just to encourage them.They both went down the pile once more to show her,then we all made snow angles and went in for hot cocoa and to work with the OT.They were still full of themselves,but managed to get some work done.Then off for a ride to Portland to sort out the EZPass,and get some stuff for our next craft,Papa let us get pizza for supper and we came home to eat and ofcourse rest after our day of snow play! Made me laugh that the one I couldn't get out didn't want to come in!Cocoa is powerful though!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Are you sure you know your zodiac sign?

You know how there are always those folks who ask you "what's your sign?" We all know what they mean,and most of us always know our signs,but don't always think they represent us fully.Please tell me I'm not alone here,I've heard many say the same!Well I read an article that explains it. Makes complete sense to me from all we were taught in school science classes.Check out this link,and read for yourself how your sign mught not be your sign! There is a neat little widget thing that you can put in your date of birth,and time and it'll show you your birth sky,and tell you your actual sign! I learned all my kids have different signs than I thought,and so do most of my friends and families! Me well I'm still a Bull,and actually I think mine fits me very well,just some modern twists on it I don't agree with,but yeah,I'm a Bull! Hope you enjoy the article.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Twitter Moms: The Influential Moms Network

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Check out this giveaway, Angelena Hart mom of two has chronicled the journeys of her girls and her production company has made and is selling dvds of their journeys. Click here for more on giveaway To learn more about The little travelers site click here you can follow their travel blogs written by mom,and one by the girls very sweet! Hope you enjoy! Lead Check

I thought this belonged on my page here since we have lead issues in our family. Hope it helps others to prevent exposure,and thank you to Healthy Toys . org for suppling this widget & all their info.

Looking at something new!

Well,during one of my web browsing setions,I came across the Feingold program/diet. It sounds to me like something I could actually work with and it has an education undercurrent that really draws me in also. It is actually more of a progressive program/working test in progress as I see it than an actual diet.They don't tell you what to eat afterall they educate you in how to read the backs of packages to make you a better educated parent. The program was started by a doctor,it has proven to improve behaviors as a side effect. It is a removale process like an allergy diet. The things removed are food dyes,and petroleum based additives. I may not have all the words quite right,as I am still just researching this myself,and my DH will not allow me to rid our home of all the foods we currently have! We must use them and start this program as we are repurchasing and restocking.
The program encourages making things from scratch,as opposed to buying prepackaged! This is an idea that I've been working towards anyway,so it really is right up my alley! I do believe that as things become old hat to us they are all easier to continue doing,and incorporate more. We all enjoyed all the great organic veggies from the CSA,so this will be a nice addition I think.We'll see how it works for us. Here is a link if you'd like to check it out for yourself,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


There is yet another story on the news about a parent hurting their child. This time a father,how can they do it? How can any person hold a tiny person in their hands and cause untold pain to them? The younger they are the harder it is for them to grasp that this wonderful amazing human that they look to for love,warmth,food,shelter & PROTECTION is the one who is hurting them!!! I can't even fathom the confusion and pain they are going through. This guy is in the next town over about 10 minutes from us. He apparently twisted his 15 month olds legs until they popped,then he gave the child pain reliever to mask that he'd hurt the child. The mother was working as the news reports all state,but the baby was hurt on Sunday,and the baby wasn't taken to the hospital until Tuesday evening according to reports. The child is now in hospital in protective services care.
I'm still shaky from when I first heard the story on the headline news this afternoon! I can't wrap my mind around why any parent would do this to their own child,to any child! When I hear these types of stories,I look at my children who were not all exactly planned,and think sure finances are tight,they're often way to loud for our apartment,Lord knows where ever they go they leave debris in their wake! I grab them and hold them all the tighter for it though. I try very hard to hold the thought that soon enough they won't want me around,so all the noise,clutter,debris and what have you that comes them is fully embraced by me. I'm not saying that my children don't get under my skin,come on after all isn't that their job? When I'm on the phone and they're doing that ear splitting mum,mum,mum he took my this or that or he's hitting me or can I have a drink that all children do as soon as the person on the other end says hello!,Well of course I threaten to use the sock muffler method,or to throw away the toy in question,I've even threatened to sell them if the bid is high enough,but the thought to cause them any actual physical pain has never crossed my mind!IT makes me hold them tighter and longer.News of child abuse has definitely made me more suspect of every other person in the world though.
The thought that I really don't trust anyone,also makes me sad.I question every ones motives even without realizing I'm doing it. If any male walks near my children and looks at them,or looks to long I question their motives in my head and find myself advancing into a defensive position instantly without even thinking! Not only with males does this happen,any and everyone who I don't know will evoke this behavior from me. I question every bruise my rough & tumble boys get if I've left them for any length of time. My heart just aches when I read stories of parents or any adult hurting a child. I wonder why they don't just bring them in to DHS,or a police station,or even a hospital.Anything is better than hurting them! I realize there are always unknowns in every persons life.We can never know what some one elses life is like,but I do feel we should try to return to a time when the phrase "It takes a village to raise a child" was believed by people and we took time to help our neighbors,shared whatever we had with those around us.
I'm a mum of 2 sets of twins,and a teenage boy.Before the twins came along it was my older son and me against the world! I worked many hours to provide roof,clothes,food,toys,cable even a pony! I wanted him to have things better than I did.I had a partner on and off,and my mother babysat while I worked 3-11 shifts. I realize I missed ALOT,now I'm a SAHM! We have 7 mouths to feed and a cat! We survive on my dh CNA salary! It's not easy,sometimes not fun,tight quarters and we've had our share of difficulties. We love each other though,all of us! People asked us how will we make it with another set of twins? I can't imagine not having them,any,all of them! I feel pretty blessed and special that the great spirit,God,who/whatever made everything gave us,ME such wonderful blessings to nurture,love and raise into the wonderful people they will be(are!).I'm thankful every moment of everyday for all of my children,and just can't fathom how or why anyone could hurt a beautiful gift from the almighty.
I feel like there must be more we can do in our communities to help people not feel so alone and maybe we could prevent some of these injustices to our precious children and animals for that matter.Many folks don't realize that it isn't a far jump from animal abuse to child and human violence. I struggle daily looking for a way that I can do more to help others,even with my own limitations,I still try and help others.I guess I just needed to get some of this out of my head,so I could let it go.I'm told I do alot,but I don't feel I do that much.I feel it even more with every bad news report I read or hear! Here's me hoping we will all strive to do a tiny bit more for others this year without looking for our own paybacks.Yes,I'm doubting yet hopeful in my fellow humans! These are just my random thoughts,not meant to harm any,but if they make others think I'm glad.