Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthdays,movies and rain

My cousin and her hubby came to help celebrate the babies second birthday.Like most of the childrens birthdays,and christmas,we had our traditional 3 cakes and small parties.We can never seem to get everyone to commit to coming the same day.I've given up trying to tell you the truth,so yes our children believe that everyone has 3 small birthday parties and gets 3 cakes just like they do!Also I'm worried that they may start to think Christmas is more like a week instead of a day!Must work on that!!!

My cousin is great though,she always tries to make it an easy visit on me wether we go to her house,or they come here.They brought this wonderful banana bread baked french toast yumminess thing,with cantaloup on the side,and they even brought me a fantastic ice coffee!She spoils me and I so don't deserve it,but SO LOVE HER FOR IT! She is the BEST!When they were getting ready to leave,I was trying to get the boys in to wash up as I was going to take them to see UP,courtesy of my neice another nice girl!Well with some to do about it we got in and washed and then into the car to go get Gramma who said she'd stay with the babies while we went,as papa was at work.The boys had never been to a movie theater before,and with their sensory issues I wondered if we'd make it throught the film,and by GLory we did! They were little champs,they got up and fidgeted a few times swapped seats and sides a few times,but thankfully SMITTY"S is actually set up for this type of moving around to not really bother others.Also the reclinable car seats were fun for them to play with and comfortable too!I think the highlight of the movie for them though was when their cousin came and sat with them and shared her reeses pieces with them.They all share the same birthday,and they think she hung the moon,stars and the SUN!

We woke up to a very rainy day cold rain,not warm so we stayed in watching mindless tv on animal planet,Disney channel,and Nickelodeon!They did get a bit worked up and need to jump on the trampoline alot,and they had mini relays with each other through the house,but over all they were pretty good.I'm working on geting house rules,chores,have to lists,and scheduals set up and all written down on poster boards so that everyone who helps out with and loves them will all be on the same page and we'll keep the rough times down,maybe! Well I can dream can't I?!Hoping the sun will shine again soon so we can get out and play and walk,hike and bike!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New therapy schedualed!

Well the boys have just been schedualed for their new therapists at the clinic once a week,which will actually be a great thing for them.the clinic is The Pediatric Development Center,in Portland,Maine, We LOVE our in home OT,but she has had to work with both of them and it's been pretty hard as they need very different things most of the time.Now they'll be getting one-on-one therapy time with their own therapists so their individual needs will be addressed.We are all so excited about that.

The oldest son will be going for his assessment this week,and I'm holding out alot of hope that we can get him some help to finally be able to get some school work done with some success.He will be in summer school,but he's agreeing to try a camp program with the DARE officers that will help get him in gym at the YMCA.He has also stated he thinks he might like to try football again in the fall,and we talked about him trying wrestling again as that was really a great sport for him.It addressed alot of his physical needs which affected his social,emotional and academic needs as well.

Hoping everyone got a chance to check out the and see the clips of Eriks film.He's a great guy who's really put it out there to help spread the word and help others as well.He mentioned something about a viewing of the film in october,over a few days all over the country to get it out there for people to see,I'm thinking I'd like get something going around my area to help out with that,I'll keep you all posted.

Also the The Duke has a therapist who'll be coming to the house to work with him,and later in July we'll be joining a play group,both he and his sister,then in the fall they'll get to join a toddler class 2-3 days a week for about 2-3 hours.The class has therapists right there,and if they see any changes or new needs they'll be able to help us get them addressed.They'll even be keeping an eye on the Princess as we haven't decided that she really needs any help yet,but the Duke needs her and going to class will help ease their seperation anxiety.The older twins went to this program,and I wish I'd remembered that they could've helped them further when we first heard sensory,but hind sight you know it ROCKS! The program is through WABAN,in southern Maine,you can check them out here They are a fantastic organization of wonderful therapists and educators and caring people who provide exceptional services to the community that needs them.I'm so glad to have stumbled back upon them for help with the lil'kids! They really ROCK!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Great news for sensory awareness!

Well there was a nice article in one of the blogs I follow regarding sensory issues,and on one of the online sensory support groups there was mention of a documentary about Sensory Intergration issues! Man,does it get any better on a rainy day than for others to be spreading the word about this,I mean really! I LOVE it! I had to look hard and search for info,and now it seems to be getting easier to get it's wonderful.Since I started this journey of discovery,I've been taken with the thought of how many kids out there could have these issues and not getting dealt with.With all this info being brought to public light that will be diminished I hope.Here is a link for the documentary info, hope you'll check that out. Here is a link to a YouTube video clip of the documentary

here is a link to the post on the blog I follow Mom Most Travelled it's pretty good,and has links to a great book and magazine. If your looking for some good info and help check out the SPD group on yahoo groups I hope this info is helpful,we are still working on all of our assessments for all of our boys,but so far we have 2 partly done,and working on setting up summer therapy,then on to school prep.I'll keep y'all posted as I can.Hope you get to check out some of the info and that it's helpful to you.