Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The littlies New Year party!

We're in process of finishing up our new years eve party prep! Just me and the wee folk that is! I let them pick the stuff they want to eat,and we make it all together,we make our wish bags,bake cookies,have jubilee roll,and watch movies they like,then we drink cider after midnight for our toasts with papa when he gets home! Will post pics tomorrow! Hoping every one has a fantastic and safe New Year! xxx me & my posse!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some wonderful dolls: Bamboletta

I just wanted to let whoever reads this,know about these wonderful dolls made by this fantastic woman! These dolls are very well and lovingly made with cotton bodies,stuffed with local wool,and the hair is yarn created.There are different styles for different ages and tastes.All are made with love & care! My little L got a pouchy for loving on during his surgery and I know it helped him when his sister wasn't with him. Please check out her wonderful site and these great dolls,I can't say enough about her she has a beautiful soul,and she works with her own littlies running around under her feet. She's out of Canada,they're called Bambolettas!I can't wait to get my posse their own dolls,they all want them.Actually one of my 4yr olds wants a mermaid,his papa not so keen on it,but I'll do what I can he just wants to cuddle it after all.Anyway,please check her out,you won't be sorry,heres the link tell her a friend sent ya! Happy New Year y'all!

review &giveaway from momfuse

check out this great review of an amazing phone which I'd Love to have myself,and then check out her giveaway of another phone that is pretty cool too!
Well the farmers have returned from their holiday,and I don't have to get up to feed the girls anymore! Sort of a bummer,I was really enjoying the quiet mornings with the girls and then watching the stars with them from the field at night while I waited for them to finish their feed! I'm sure they'll call if they want a night or weekend off.That farm has a pretty wonderful feel about it,I'm pretty comfortable at most farms,but that one really feels like home and I've never even slept there! Beautiful & magical if wishes wereland payments I'd own that magical farm! Life is slipping back to our normal humm again slowly.
I'll be working on getting back to work at the nursing home again soon enoughand missing my time with my itty bitties.Finances dictate I must return though if we ever want to own our own place,and get near out of debt.Looking forward to some snow to go sledding with my nephew his new bride and the boys,heck the babies like sledding too they have to go for a short time too! I'll post more about the wedding when we get the pictures. It was a good day though.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Well everyone is well again,we survived the flu flood! Have been so busy haven't been on line in days. Sick kids,sick cat,ice & snow storms,doctor visits,vet visits,over to the farm twice a day to feed the girls,a family wedding in just a few days,stretched out doesn't cut it,but we have survived intact as a family!With all the goings on lately I wasn't home when Santa & helpers came to deliver Christmas,but when I went down stairs to check it out,I was overwhelmed with emotions at realizing that even in this tight economy on everyone.People are still wanting to help others.My children had a wonderful christmas thanks to nature of the season filling others hearts.We are very grateful,and we teach our children that sharing what we have,and giving back to others as we've been given to is the way to be.Mind still foggy,but very grateful and wanted to share that human kindness is alive.Have to get ready to load tribe in van to go feed the girls,will get back to this later. Hope everyone had an amazing day and fantastic food with those they love most! Shalom

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

under the weather today

no one in our house is feeling very well today.Grumpy took the boys to school just to find a deserted building,no school I guess! He took them on a quick run to the grociers for cream,wildman got sick in the cereal aisle! Came home to find mum not feeling the best either,mellow still isn't 100% but he's better.Babies both doing lots of sleeping,grumpy went back to bed.Rebel came home to inform me he too was ill in school,now in bed also! full of sickies,how icky!

finding the free stuff!

I've been a member of several local freecycle groups for a while now,but I just found something that is geared more towards parents & children,and hope one opens near me soon! Check out the link this lady has it together. A big thanks for her freepeats sites! check it out.......

The reason I got out of a warm bed to drive the 15 min,down the icey roads,and two other frosty friends I stopped to visit on my way home from the farm! so so sweet!

Icey Morn

What the roads looked like sat morning on my way to the farm around 6:30am .

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hello to the blogging world

Hello everyone
This is my attempt at this blogging thing.I'm sure as I adjust to it and get a real feel for itI'll come up with my own style. Welcome along for the ride. I can not say how this will go,but I bet it'll be fun! Looking forward to good run here. hope my friends find me and look for input from them too!