Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthdays,movies and rain

My cousin and her hubby came to help celebrate the babies second birthday.Like most of the childrens birthdays,and christmas,we had our traditional 3 cakes and small parties.We can never seem to get everyone to commit to coming the same day.I've given up trying to tell you the truth,so yes our children believe that everyone has 3 small birthday parties and gets 3 cakes just like they do!Also I'm worried that they may start to think Christmas is more like a week instead of a day!Must work on that!!!

My cousin is great though,she always tries to make it an easy visit on me wether we go to her house,or they come here.They brought this wonderful banana bread baked french toast yumminess thing,with cantaloup on the side,and they even brought me a fantastic ice coffee!She spoils me and I so don't deserve it,but SO LOVE HER FOR IT! She is the BEST!When they were getting ready to leave,I was trying to get the boys in to wash up as I was going to take them to see UP,courtesy of my neice another nice girl!Well with some to do about it we got in and washed and then into the car to go get Gramma who said she'd stay with the babies while we went,as papa was at work.The boys had never been to a movie theater before,and with their sensory issues I wondered if we'd make it throught the film,and by GLory we did! They were little champs,they got up and fidgeted a few times swapped seats and sides a few times,but thankfully SMITTY"S is actually set up for this type of moving around to not really bother others.Also the reclinable car seats were fun for them to play with and comfortable too!I think the highlight of the movie for them though was when their cousin came and sat with them and shared her reeses pieces with them.They all share the same birthday,and they think she hung the moon,stars and the SUN!

We woke up to a very rainy day cold rain,not warm so we stayed in watching mindless tv on animal planet,Disney channel,and Nickelodeon!They did get a bit worked up and need to jump on the trampoline alot,and they had mini relays with each other through the house,but over all they were pretty good.I'm working on geting house rules,chores,have to lists,and scheduals set up and all written down on poster boards so that everyone who helps out with and loves them will all be on the same page and we'll keep the rough times down,maybe! Well I can dream can't I?!Hoping the sun will shine again soon so we can get out and play and walk,hike and bike!!!

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