Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Days go on.......

Life must go on wether or not we like the way it is.We must try to find those things that bring us joy,embrace them for all they're worth and enjoy them while we can!Life and time is fleeting is the lesson I've learned most recently and even if we're not ready people,loved ones leave us when the great spirit calls them home!I'm still so very unsure why my dear friend had to leave now,and this way,but I'm so thankful to have had her.I still can't imagine that she's not ever going to call me again,even though I know and yet I wait still not hearing.I so much want to be with her children,and have them playing and growing near my own.I want to share with them who their mom was while we were young.I want to share tril rides with these lovely humans she brought to this planet,picnic in fields,hike & letter box.Learn to cook along side them,I feel I'm constanly learning here!

I was so very excited about buying our house while my dear friend was looking with me,she'd check out just about every house on line from her distance,and we were both glad about this one.The land was a plus,thee house large enough to accomodate us all with a room for her when she visited,a pool for our kiddos to play in,and that open concept we found so great as moms!I admit the excitment is diminished,but I'm trying to regain it,I know she'd be very angry with me for being this way.Knowing that she'll never see the place,or grace our door is very rough for me,I'm hoping her children will get ot come over the summer at some point that'll be great!And so to this vein we are continuing to make this house our home! We are having a bit rougher start than we anticipated as the old owner is still inresidence and moving slowly.Our floor work,and painting must wait on her,so then our move in and we're running out of time & money!C'est la vie,I guess aye!

I'll try ot get some pics up of the place as we improve or make it ours your choice!Gotta run now!

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