Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Floors,walls,door knobs & roofs!

The floors have been finished,my friend Walter did a FANTASTIC job if I do say so myself!I have to say I've got some GREAT guys in my life! Thank the Great Spirit for them! My guys ROCK!The house isn't finished by any means,but the work they've done is great.They start early and finish the day late.They help after their days work is done,they leave their families to come help ours.We are truely blessed.I do wish we had more help so they wouldn't feel like they've got to work so hard.The colors we chose look great together,atleast we all think so.Soon enough the basement will be built back up as a new bed room for the D-man,and a large play room for all the kiddos,and still have storage and a great work shop for papa!We are so psyched!There are pics up over on my FB account,haven't really got the time to switch them around and add here yet,but asap I'll get some up here.

My guess is we did good finding theis place as everyone who ses it says WOW,you guys lucked out! We feel extremely lucky to have found this place and made it through the bidding war & closing battle so that now it's OURS!We can't wait to enjoy the outdoors there,get our garden going and place a chicken coop for our chix! I have already picked out the ones I think will be good for us,orpington,silkie bantam,sussex & easter eggers!I'm very excited to see the childrens reaction to our little egg makers! until next time,enjoy all that has come your way! xxx

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