Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here comes the sun!

Rather the sun has returned,and so have to the fields!All the prep work feels so worth it when we're out there in the sunshine working.I forgot that the girls would go into my raised bed if left untended and well thear's just what they did! They enjoyed the heck out of my spinach and carrots,but I ran up to check on my then to quiet hens before they moved on to the chard & beets.They did help themselves to some lettuce,but didn't destroy it.

Papa bought us a used tiller,and I've dubbed her Gloria!I've thanked him,and given in to what a great idea he had to buy one.My frugal side fought him long enough,and well he was right!We got work done in no time that was taking me forever to do.So THANK YOU again Papa! You were right!xxx Here are some pics of what's been doin'here at Berried Ledges.....

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