Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well the farmers have returned from their holiday,and I don't have to get up to feed the girls anymore! Sort of a bummer,I was really enjoying the quiet mornings with the girls and then watching the stars with them from the field at night while I waited for them to finish their feed! I'm sure they'll call if they want a night or weekend off.That farm has a pretty wonderful feel about it,I'm pretty comfortable at most farms,but that one really feels like home and I've never even slept there! Beautiful & magical if wishes wereland payments I'd own that magical farm! Life is slipping back to our normal humm again slowly.
I'll be working on getting back to work at the nursing home again soon enoughand missing my time with my itty bitties.Finances dictate I must return though if we ever want to own our own place,and get near out of debt.Looking forward to some snow to go sledding with my nephew his new bride and the boys,heck the babies like sledding too they have to go for a short time too! I'll post more about the wedding when we get the pictures. It was a good day though.

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