Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some wonderful dolls: Bamboletta

I just wanted to let whoever reads this,know about these wonderful dolls made by this fantastic woman! These dolls are very well and lovingly made with cotton bodies,stuffed with local wool,and the hair is yarn created.There are different styles for different ages and tastes.All are made with love & care! My little L got a pouchy for loving on during his surgery and I know it helped him when his sister wasn't with him. Please check out her wonderful site and these great dolls,I can't say enough about her she has a beautiful soul,and she works with her own littlies running around under her feet. She's out of Canada,they're called Bambolettas!I can't wait to get my posse their own dolls,they all want them.Actually one of my 4yr olds wants a mermaid,his papa not so keen on it,but I'll do what I can he just wants to cuddle it after all.Anyway,please check her out,you won't be sorry,heres the link http://bamboletta.com/ tell her a friend sent ya! Happy New Year y'all!

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  1. Thank you for posting about my dolls :) Your blog is great! Warmly, Christina :)