Tuesday, May 26, 2009

House hunting?

YES,That's right we're house hunting!We are hoping to find a lovely little place with a bit of land to call our li'homestead!We have a few that are at the top of our lists now,and waiting on application with first time homebuyers and rural developement to result in our certificate for us to be able to make a bid.We want to be as self sufficient as possible.We'd like to have a few chickens for eggs and such,and ofcourse a lovely garden to give us an abundant of fresh herbs & veggies. I found a lovely organic apple orchard this weekend,and am hoping to plant a couple pretty harty type trees on out land when we get it!Say does anyone know if we can grow lemon trees in Maine? Whenevr I see lovely fruit trees in bloom that PPM song jumps into my brain,"Lemon Tree" I've just gotta have one so I can sing it every morning!We can picture it all dogs romping with the kids and chasing chickens around the yard as mum works the garden,while papa and Dman chop and stack the wood!Quiet evenings around the fire pit swinging or gliding watching the stars from our own yard!Not sure life could get much better,unless there was the soft sound of horses chewing and nickering in the pasture and the soft lowing of a Scottish highland or two along side them! Ahhh,yes still ever the dreamer!Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers!

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