Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sensory evaluations!

Hello all,it's been awhile again.We brought the boys last wednesday in for their formal eval for a sensory dx. Looks good for them to get to go to the clinic during the summer for one-on-one time with an OT of their own.Meaning each will have their own OT!YAY,for them!They'll both get what they need now.I'm so very thankful for Diane for getting us on the right track!The lil'guy goes this wednesday for his eval,and in June the oldest goes.They would really like to see the big guy as it sounds to them as though he was a missed sensory kid.Well all I can say is if it helps get him back on track I'm all for it.I know he's very frustrated with how school is going.

The boys start kindergarten next year,and I'm hoping to have everything in place to make the transition easy and the year go well for them.I don't want to have to battle with the school system for another 9-12 yrs.The boys are very happy that school is over for the summer,and looking forward to having play days with their best-bud from class.We'll be looking into summer day camp again hoping to get them in with kids from last summer to make that transition easier.We're looking forward to camping this year,hoping our cousin will come with his family and getting in some good hiking,biking and of course some fun letter boxing!

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