Monday, May 16, 2011

I stumbled on another multiple multi-mum's blog and she had a gem there that struck home.Those days when you feel your the worst mum because you lost it with the children.Here is a prayer she offered up that is amazing,I think.Thanks so much for sharing it Kate from Savvy Little Women. This is a prayer I'll be saying alot and always trying to be better...

A Prayer For Cross Mothers

Oh God, I was so cross to the children today. Forgive me. I was discouraged and tired - and I took it out on them. Forgive my bad temper, my impatience, and most of all, my yelling. I am so ashamed as I think of it.

I want to kneel down by each of their beds, wake them and ask them to forgive me, but I can't.

They wouldn't understand. I must go on living with the memory of this awful day, and my unjust tirades.

Hours later I can still see the fear in their eyes as they scurried around trying to appease me, thinking my anger and raving was their fault.

Oh, God, the helplessness of children. Their innocence before the awful monster - the enraged adult.

And how forgiving they are, hugging me so fervently at bedtime, kissing me goodnight.

All I can do is straighten a cover, touch a small head burrowed into a pillow, and hope with all my heart that they will forgive me.

Lord, in failing these little ones that you have put in my keeping, I am failing You. Please let your infinite patience and goodness replenish me for tomorrow." -Majorie Holmes

I hope it might make another feel as I do that well we may not mean to do it we are not alone.Keep trying your best and lean on the Lord to guide you through.

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