Tuesday, March 3, 2009

busy work day

Well today was just a busy work day,I made phone calls to get things in motion for the boys CDS assessment for kindergarten readiness.We may end up with a diagnosis out of it. Having spoken with the lead nurse and her agreeing with the OT and me in that the sensory issues caused the lead poisoning.We want to focus school issues on sensory instead of lead as then they'll have a focus as to where to go and what to work on with the boys.They won't get labeld incorrectly,and no one will be trying to manage and diagnose my poor wee men as they go!I'm glad to see the CDS folks again,they were very helpful to us.I look forward to our OT talking with them,as with the Head start crew.I had a meeting with a nice woman from head start today,seems Marco Polo made an appointment and forgot to tell me!All went well anyway,I filled her in on what I want for the boys and the direction I'd like them to try. Got the boys next blood draw orders called in to the lab.All while mini super heroes flew around the house! The weeest of my wee folks were super heroes today thanks to papa! Left overs for dinner,followed by strawberry cake!

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