Tuesday, March 3, 2009

guilty pleasures.......

So I'm feeling like my guilty pleasures list is getting smaller.Kids grow,shows change or get CX'd,life happens,but we need our secret pleasures to keep us going!Hope you can share your secret/guilty pleasures now that I have!

* I loved watching "the Girls Next Door",scratching your heads? I can't explain it,but I loved it. It's now over as the girls have moved on....

* I love Dove Chocolate-I know so do many others,it's very yummy!

* Having a dog in our home,I miss my girl Scooter all the time.....

* Having horses of my own around....

* making yummy desserts to eat.....mmmmmm!

* girls nights with my nieces...movies,junk food,and being girlie!They're growing up and not much time for aunts these days,I miss them!

* watching the boys play Pooh sticks!

Enjoy your day,and try to squeeze in a small pleasure when no ones looking! I'm going to make a cake,and watch a GND clip while it's baking! hehehehe

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  1. Hello beautiful girl! Thanks for following me! I love your blog and I loved this post too, it's really good. I may have to write about my guilty pleasures and link back to you!

    Welcome to my circle! Oh! Are we friends on twitter?