Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No TV for a Week,WHAT?!?!?!?!.......yup!

Well I know that next week is the week with out tv thing,but my oldest will be with his dad,and out of my control,so we moved it up to this week!DADADADUM! He's not very happy,he is a video game junkie!Literally he has no ability to control his time playing,and he gets very angry when you make him get off,he gets over it well though,but his initial response is crazy.I did expect a hard time from him though so I'm just staying strong and we'll get through it.I'm actually getting more flack from the little kids than I expected though so now I'm extra glad I'm doing this.
Papa played outside with the boys and baies after the boys came home from class until he took Nono for his speech,the good news is next week is his last appointment.I guess she feels he's met all her goals for him and that's great!D man went fishing with his friends after school,and that lessened his gaming drive.We took the lil'kids to one of their favorite parks to play,and as they snoozed in the van we took that time to look at a couple more properties.We'll hopefully be going for a couple showings later this week,we'll see.
I got a surprising snap from papa when after I put the boys to bed I came down to find him playing chess on line,we told Dman no comp or vid games and here he was playing- which is really wierd as he never does this.I mention he shouldn't and he yells you do these things just to crucify me!What a choice of words!The man who says he doesn't watch tv was at a loss with out it and thus spent the most time he has on computer.He made me say we can use comp for email & educational reading & researches.I was ok with no comp as well. This being only the first day,I'm pretty sure they all just are trying to adjust.I know it's really for the best as we apparently ARE watching too much TV! I read alot to my snugglesaurus boy,and he and princessP and I danced around alot in the morning.I even banned the video in the van for the week.The kids wanted to watch it as soon as they got in!Praying for nice weather all week so I can make it through this trial for my family.I have a few trips loosely set in my mind,and good projects we can all work on to keep us busy and am hopefully getting the book Tale of Despareux for week long reading to cap off with movie rental for sat eve with the littlies as D man will probablly be gone by then.On his way to sit for a week in front of a tv playing video games until his eyes pop out his dad WILL let him!Well atleast this week I can give his brain a much needed break from the constant bad stimulation!Hope you all have a great week,and I'll try to keep you up to date.

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