Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Easter fun pics!

We had a great day just the children and me,poor papa had to work,and he wasn't happy!We all the children and I worked on these.YES,even the grumpy D man! He did a great job,and was pleased with his outcome.I'll get a pic and post 'cause I'm so proud of him! Anyway,the little boys got in bed with me,and I read them a wonderful book called The First Easter,we picked it up at Wally world,but it was actually a great book to try to really explain the day's meaning to 4yr old twin boys with sensory issues.Not scarey,nice pics,and fairly easy for them to grasp.We read it again at bedtime,and I read it at bed time tonight again,it's getting them asking questions and sparking those neuropathways to keep firing.We rested in my bed a bit then drama king wandered down and saw the baskets and that was that!
He yelled to his brother as he shot up the stairs man that kid can move!The easter bunny had come and we gotta get the CANDY!!!They devored their goodies,well not really they played with their toys,had their egg hunt & found their new movie,watched it while I dozed.Gave D man his basket after waking him up,and then opened their baby bro & sis character eggs to make it easier for them! Aren't hey the sweetest,thinking of the babes that way! LOL When I was in the kitchen after the babies came down and had their basket,I heard giggling and attempts at coercing their lil'bro to look at me!look at me,you baby!!!I wandered in to find drama king had found my mobile phone and was snapping pictures with it.They amaze me,it took me almost a week to figure it out and they just know what to do,go figure!I figured I'd add his handy work cause well it's pretty good for a 4yr old and a mobile phone!
I think they have way more fun than I do sometimes,and I'm glad ,as it reminds me to value and cherish my little monkeys daily and I DO! We had a lovely ham dinner,with lemon cupcakes decorated with whipped cream & springy sprinkles.I capped the evening by finishing watching Seven Pounds!Enjoy the silly pics,and hope you all had a great day!

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