Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amazing first pony experience for Princess P

Well we're still going strong with no tv,and my wee ones have actually stopped asking for it,or gesturing for it as the case maybe! The boys too are doing well,accept in the van they feel there they should ask for a video.We have taken them out to a park almost every day this week,as well as they've played outside more this week.Without the option of tv they're choosing outside play.They ask us to go to parks,as we've found some really wonderful ones around us that they love to go to.They have the added plus of being great for the younger ones as well.We also got some great library books to keep us going trying to really get the mind tvs working for these guys.I wish for them to experience books the way I did,I use to feel I was in the book,the writting was a vivid picture in my mind for me.I wish they could enjoy it as much.
We went for a picnic hiking outing this afternoon.We packed the lunch up grabbed them from class and headed out.We decided to stop at a friends farm and visit with ponies and her new foal!The boys enjoyed the farm environment as a boy should,dirt, animals,tractors,mud and room to run and dogs to run with!Does life get any better?Two of the boys were abit nervous especially the noises the horses make are loud in the barn,and unfamiliar so papa took them outside and walked around and visited with ponies outside.They all handled it well.My lil'wild guy proved to be pretty brave and inquisitive,which was great!They got to brush a pony if they wanted,and sit on her too! Wild man took advantage of this and then decided he'd join papa and his brothers and off he dashed.Now let me play out the princesses response to this visit.
Once she was out of the van on her feet and noticed we were heading towards animals in the distance,she was trying to get in full run mode while yelling excitedly and pointing.I don't know if she realized what they were from the distance,but I can tell you as she got closer her excitment did not diminish! When we realized there were a few yearling foals in a small paddock close to us we walked over and an older pony there to babysit no doubt greeted us first with a muzzle thru the fence,well Princess P grabbed the big soft nostrils in each hand and pulled her face in for a full cheek on nuzzle!I just melted,she was not afraid,no fear at all she even let babies wuffle her hair and cheeks! I was speechless and in awe of this small person who I love so much and didn't think I could have anymore emotion for and yet I was over come that my princess seems to have my love of animals and horses!!!YIPEE!!!!Since my own days in Pony Club,I watched my friends with their parental supports and not having any just couldn't wait for the day I could be a pony club parent! I may actually get my dream.I know I'm insanr to pray for bankruptcy,but I can't help it,other horsey folks will understand,I'm elated!
Oh and that wasn't all,let me continue...with perma grin already firmly inplace we walked thru the barn with Ms.B the owner and a friend to her new foals stall.Well when the door opened and P saw not one lovely pony,but TWO and one her very size I literally had to restarin her,and she threw fits trying to get INTO the stall!!! It was amazing,poor Ms.B trying to get the foal closer and keep kids safe and momma pony happy!It was a site,but it sounded awful but was actually quite sweet as all she wanted was to get close to that baby pony!I could have cried I was so happy she isn't afraid of those big heads with those huge nostrils blowing warm sweet horsey air on her.Horse people will get this and understand.Next Ms.B brought out a pony for the kids to pat and brush and of course P took to it like she'd been doing it all her life,did you all remember she's not even 2 yet? Just checking,anyway,wldman and P brushed and then he asked to sit on her and he did this was not acceptable to P she wanted to be up there,and said up!Well she put her up there and then wildman decided he should go see papa and the brothers,so off he shot,and P decided since it was just her she should be able to move! She started squeezing her lil'legs and rising up and said out,she wanted to go for a ride!Ms.B was as impressed as I was I think.When brushing the pony,P stopped and hugged and kissed the ponies front leg,after all that's all she can reach at her height!Ms.B said I've got goosebumps that's so sweet!She kept getting under her head trying to touch her lil'pony nose,but they were both just too small to reach each other.It was one of the most precious times I've ever wittnesed.I'm sure it's happened before that a wee girl or boy has so loved horses so much at first meeting,but I can't recall ever seeing it.I do know it felt akin to my first meeting with horses.I hope she has this love forever!
Ms.B took the kids for a ride on her polaris mule tractor thing,and well it was a huge hit!The boys and P all enjoyed themselves,and the boys both asked to come back!Yay!I think we'll be going back routinely on foal watch as she's got a few due very soon!Then we said our thank yous and good byes and headed off for a snack and a walk in the woods!It was great weather for it and the babies walked the whole way,as they got tired P got independant,so just a little letting go and watching for the right moment to take the hand again,but it was great to be out with them and have such a nice after noon.They all enjoyed themselves,with really only one small melt down,only one boy got a trail map and so the other wanted to get one when we got back ok no problem,accept that what he meant was he wanted to get a map and go back out so he could pick which way we go!!!!Small melt down,but luckily some of the junior cub scouts were still near the tables and it took his mind right off of it and we all headed out together to the parking area!We had to promise to come back soon though! I love spring and I LOVE my twintastic life,thanks great spirit for a wonderful day without TV!

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