Monday, January 12, 2009

Looking at something new!

Well,during one of my web browsing setions,I came across the Feingold program/diet. It sounds to me like something I could actually work with and it has an education undercurrent that really draws me in also. It is actually more of a progressive program/working test in progress as I see it than an actual diet.They don't tell you what to eat afterall they educate you in how to read the backs of packages to make you a better educated parent. The program was started by a doctor,it has proven to improve behaviors as a side effect. It is a removale process like an allergy diet. The things removed are food dyes,and petroleum based additives. I may not have all the words quite right,as I am still just researching this myself,and my DH will not allow me to rid our home of all the foods we currently have! We must use them and start this program as we are repurchasing and restocking.
The program encourages making things from scratch,as opposed to buying prepackaged! This is an idea that I've been working towards anyway,so it really is right up my alley! I do believe that as things become old hat to us they are all easier to continue doing,and incorporate more. We all enjoyed all the great organic veggies from the CSA,so this will be a nice addition I think.We'll see how it works for us. Here is a link if you'd like to check it out for yourself,

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