Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snow Day!

Well the boys have no class on friday,so they are often a tad over wound when their OT get here. I decided that since it wasn't windy we should go out & play to run out ome energy so they'll be able to work with her.It was pretty easy to get one of the boys out,but the other took some psychology!I made it known I didn't think they could run faster than mum,that was really all it took.We were outside body sledding down the snow piles,and running around the playground.With our loud voices and shrieks of joy at beating mumma in a foot race,the other wee man was soon by our sides! We crossed the street and played in the other playground,found an untouched plow pile,got our discs and made tracks!The boys were making snow angels when their OT pulled up,she got out and came over in the snow sans boots and snow pants just to encourage them.They both went down the pile once more to show her,then we all made snow angles and went in for hot cocoa and to work with the OT.They were still full of themselves,but managed to get some work done.Then off for a ride to Portland to sort out the EZPass,and get some stuff for our next craft,Papa let us get pizza for supper and we came home to eat and ofcourse rest after our day of snow play! Made me laugh that the one I couldn't get out didn't want to come in!Cocoa is powerful though!


  1. Hi Donna E, pleased to meet you lady. Thanks very much for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment. Yes, between my hubby and I, we have/share our lives with 5 horses (4 of which are appys). We enjoy them greatly and spend a lot of our lives with them in one way or another. They seem to be my greatest teachers in life it seems. Looking forward to getting to know you better as well. Stay warm and blessings to you. (are you a brit ?) I've noticed you refer to yourself as mum...

  2. Hay D,
    I also was going to ask about the "Mum" referral!

  3. Sounds like a super fun time!! :)

  4. sorry it's taken so long to reply- I'm not technically british,my ancestors did come on the Mayflower according to an aunt who did geneology. I did want to ride on the british 3day team when I was younger,I blame International Velvet! hahaha

  5. The mum thing is I called my mum(aunt) mum,and my wee ones call me mum,mumma, I love it. I recall in my teens hearing my siblings & friends refer to mothers as MOM & MOTHER when they were angry.I'm glad I chose my mum so I was never angry with her,I was thankful for her.I too love being mum,I always smile when they say it. :)