Wednesday, February 11, 2009

info search continues!

Well the search for more answers regarding what to expect for the boys goes on. I of course have my own ideas and continue working with and for them trying to minimize the damage caused by the lead poisoning. They continue with their OT for their proprioception issues,we continue to work on their oral issues which are much better,but remain to pop up when we think they're gone! I'm seriously looking at the Feingold program to try and help with some behaviors.Also as of lately I've come across some info that encourages me in getting a dog a sort of therapy/service mix dog.I felt in my heart it was time to reintroduce a dog,for all the normal reasons. The boys would learn a bit of responsibility while helping care for their new friend,and to love others who are different,help with their fears,compassion and teaching skills.They'd get excercise while excercizing the dog.I felt a dog would help them a bit with their proprioception issues as well,then I came across an article about a couple who train sevice dogs,and dogs for autistic children. Here is a link I hope will take you there should you want to read it.
While reading the article I realized that maybe the boys have more neuro issues than I really wanted to believe.As I read on I completely understood some of the actions they noted the girl had and how the dog helped.I understood as one who sees it and can see how the canine/child connection works.I feel that this could would be a wonderful addition to their care,and life experience.I want them to have a full normal and healthy life.Knowing would make it so much easier.
I wish I had some other parents to talk with and share info and support with. I know they're out there,and hopefully we'll get connected and be of great support for each other. I know there must be other parents who don't know what will happen,or if something is currently happening wondering if it's related to the poisoning or not. I've actually been thinking about looking into dog training lately,and with this info I'm even more inclined to look further into it.If I can learn to train our own dog to help the boys with whatever issues they could be assisted with that would atleast be something tangable and proactive that I'm atleast doing instead of waiting and seeing HOW they'll be affected.I'm corrected everytime I talk to the docs as I say if/when they have issues related to poisoning they seem to like to assure me it's HOW will they be affected and they will!
I do try to keep them engaged physically and mentally.When they're not in class I try to have some work for them to do here at home,letters,numbers,colors,we try to play the piano,we did signing with them and now with the babies,I'm hoping to get my hands on a french language program to helpcontinue the neurons firing.I don't know what else to do. I take the kids hiking,sledding,swimming,biking just plain walking in our community.I take them out and about to the library,the stores and an occasional trip to a restaraunt every once and a great while. It's pretty hard with 2 little boys who like to bolt away in play,and having the 2 babies to monitor.It seems I don't really think about it while I'm doing it,but writting it down it is tiring me out just thinking about it! Here's hoping the connection I may have made through the boys class will work out and I can help get something good working for us and other families dealing with lead poisoning.Fingers crossed.

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