Saturday, February 21, 2009

Proprioceptive dysfunction

I thought I'd share a little of what we deal with,I copied this from the proprioception area on

Signs Of Proprioceptive Dysfunction:

If they are under responsive to proprioceptive input (i.e. sensory seeking) they will...

walk to hard, push too hard, bang too hard write too hard, play with objects too hard, etc.

be the loud ones, rough ones, crashers, movers, shakers, runners, jumpers, and bouncers (i.e. an insatiable bundle of energy!)

shake his legs or constantly bang the back of his foot on the floor/chair while sitting in class

play too rough (often hurting himself or others), jump off of or crash into ANYTHING he can

crack his knuckles, chew on his fingers, bite his nails until they bleed, chew on pens, gum, pencils, clothing collars, sleeves, or strings, or inedible objects (i.e. paper clips, pieces of toys etc.)

enjoys TIGHT clothes (i.e. turtlenecks, tight belts, hoods, hats, jackets zipped ALL the way up, tight pajamas etc.)

This is why I'm doing so much research on how to help them,and deal with their issues so we don't all go crazy! Check out the site for more info. Remember that everyone is an individual,and not every child will have every issue,or to the extreme.My boys have some of these,and at varying degrees,we often wonder what came first the proprioception or the lead poisoning,I tend to believe the proprioception was first and lead to the activities that ultimately caused their lead poisoning.They still exhibit inappropriate mouthing of things at times!
They do work with an OT,and she is good with them,I think they wear on her sometimes though.Imagine it would be tough to deal with more than my own children with these issues on a daily basis!Thank the Great Spirit for people who can and do,like our OT!

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