Sunday, February 15, 2009

V-day.....happy & sad

We started our day with a sadness knowing a loved one would be crossing over soon,but also knowing that life goes on and wee folks don't always understand our sadness and death is still a mystery to them.We had a lovely breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes,heart shaped,with strawberry syrup! The boys absolutely loved them!We did get word at noon that our loved one had crossed over.

Imagine,the loss alone of your life partner or father to soon is a heavy burden.Adding to that the day most look forward to each year to dedicate or rededicate their love for their loved ones and I can only imagine how they will feel every year from now on.My heart goes out to them with sympathy for their loss,yet it also sings out with joy that a soul so lively,proud & energetic is now free from the bondages of a body that was failing him.He was a very beloved father and husband,a wonderful uncle and brother.He taught by example and shared his wisdom when best recieved.Not long in my life,but his light shone bright and I saw a kind sharing giving soul,one who was not pushy or demanding.Missed he will be greatly,with every memory,a sadness that he isn't here for the younger generations to know and love. His heritage will be shared for many years to come by all who knew him and so will keep him close in heart and mind.I hope with the passing of time the pain will lessen and Valentines day will be a good day to look forward to again for them.

With happier thoughts my sweet teen has had his first v-day with a girl friend.I like that he wants his space and time with his friends,and doesn't feel the need to be connected at the hip to her.I like her,she is a good influence on him,but she is much clingier and I continue to encourage my son to keep open conversation with her so he doesn't feel smothered by her yet is kind to her feelings.He is growing into a fine young man.I'm sure I don't tell him enough,but I'm glad others in the world see it.They are sure to tell me how polite and generally nice young man he is.I do wish we could see it here at home more,but one day I'm sure we will.We WILL make it through the teen years,I'm sure of that.The little boys will follow right along behind though and we'll be in teens again! Two at once, I will definately be gray from that! LOL

I hope every one had a wonderful day and a great weekend all around!Hugs and kisses everywhere from all of us! xoxoxoxo

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