Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our OT is very pleased!

Well,today I was talking with our OT when she got here as she watched one of the boys working on his own special something that evolved from drawing/coloring to a science project of sorts! Anyway,as I explained to her my continued research and new understanding of the boys proprioception,she smiled and her smile kept growing! I mean at first I wasn't sure why,and thought oh,gosh have I gotten it all wrong? Then she said if only I could bottle you up and sprinkle you on some of my other parents!!! Then I understood the smile! She explained to me that most of the parents have a fix my child attitude,not that they don't want to help,but they just don't get it! She asked if she could pass me along to other parents who might be able to be helped by my better understanding,of course I said YES!!! I know how I struggle,so I'd love to help others miss the struggle step if possible.
I got an answer from the service dog lady,and it's not the most promising right now,but I'm not giving up!I know this will help my boys,and I'm fighting for them!Their OT is now on board,but the finacial part and the traveling part is the biggest problem at hand.We would need to get the boys,papa,mum(me),our OT and the puppy there atleast once a week,or them to come to us at a cost of $128.00 to come down!We haven't evn found a proper dog yet,as she said that resues aren't used for two reasons,(1)can't rehome rescues without giving names,& confidentiality issues don't allow that,(2)the bagage issues,they feel may take too long to train,and retrain!
I WILL not GIVE UP though! I will continue to try to find a way for this to happen.My new books got here today,I'm pretty excited to read these,and pass them on to papa for his education to begin on this sensory stuff.Although I share all my knowledge and research with him,let's face it men learn best first hand.I know he jears me,but it falls away to fast for much to stick,so his reading of this material will help effect changes with him the best I feel!I must run now and try to win the battle of the bed time fighting babies!Stop laughing I know what you're all saying to yourselves.

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